Mystery Team (2010)

When they were seven years old, Oakdale's Mystery Team was a spunky band of kid detectives dedicated to solving child-sized mysteries: who put their finger in the pie, or who stole a tricycle. The town loved them for it. Now the Team is about to graduate from high school and move in to the real world, but they’re still storming the playground to bust little kids, and the town of Oakdale is sick of it. Each member of the Team has a supposed specialty: Jason, the 'Master Of Disguise'; Charlie, the 'Strongest Kid In Town'; and Duncan, the 'Boy Genius'. When a little girl sees their sign advertising 'Mysteries Solved, Ten Cents', she asks the gang if they could find out who killed her parents. Jason accepts the challenge but Duncan and Charlie worry that the case is too dangerous. The Team embarks on a mystery that will take them deep into a world of drugs, crime, and swear words.

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