Red Riding Hood

Plot : Folk tales have inspired movie-makers right from the very beginning. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the famous tale of Red Riding Hood, which can have many interpretations, ranging from fable-like to the terrifying, has compelled director Catherine Hardwicke to take a relook. The movie follows the beautiful Valerie (Seyfried), who is torn between her love for two very different men. On the one hand is the brooding outsider, Peter, with whom Valerie is deeply in love. On the other hand is the rich Henry (Irons), who Valerie’s parents want her to marry. Desperate to be with Peter, Valerie hatches a plan to escape from the bounds of tradition. However, soon she comes to know that her older sister has been killed by a werewolf in that very jungle. For years, there has remained an uneasy truce between the villagers and the prowling monster. Catch Red Riding Hood video to witness how on a night of blood red moon, that truce is broken, when the werewolf kills a human. Desperate for revenge, the villagers call a werewolf hunter Father Solomon (Oldman). However, things take a bizarre turn after it’s revealed that the werewolf could be one of the villagers, and someone who’s very close to Valerie.

Red Riding Hood Movie is Directed By : Catherine Hardwicke

Starring : Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas, Virginia Madsen, Billy Burke, Julie Christie, Michael Shanks, Michael Hogan

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