13 (2012)

From the brave filmmakers who brought you “Standing Sideways,” Burton’s latest snowboarding movie, “13″ was shot from December 2011 to May 2012 in -40 to -50 degrees F in Anchorage, Alaska, Whistler, and Pemberton, BC via heli and snowmobile. Well known, professional snowboarders like Mark Sollors, John Jackson, Ethan Deiss, Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Jussi Oksanen, Mikkel Bang, Zak Hale, Mikey Rencz, Jeremy Jones, and Terje Haakonsen, are captured doing tricks that everyone wants to see, like inverted 360 spins, Beef Curtains, Bloody Dracula, Cannonball, Rocket, Swiss Cheese, Japan, and Lien air.

 Genres: Documentary Sport

Last Hours in Suburbia (2012)

Last Hours in Suburbia: When Grace is accused of playing a role in a deadly accident, her best friend reaches out from beyond the grave to unveil the truth behind what happened.

Genres: Crime Mystery Thriller
Countries: USA Director: John Stimpson
Actors: Landry Allbright Liz Vassey Tom Kemp