Change Of Plans


Plot : Change of Plans is a simple, hearty movie that focuses on a group of friends having a get together and talking about life and other things, under the sun. But the simple, light-hearted part of the movie ends right there, as the focus gradually shifts to the problems, they are facing in their lives. Over food and wine, the friends are getting cozy and opening up to each other about their lives, and it is awfully clear that all of them are facing problems in their personal lives. As the conversations carry on, a rather sinister air enters the room; the viewers realize that they all intent to indulge in infidelity sooner rather than later, which just spices up the equation. What’s interesting about this movie is the difference in the way each character approaches the idea that the spark has vanished from their love lives, and the ones who are already having affairs, actually find reasons to justify their transgressions. For example, one of the friends is a gynecologist, who is contemplating, leaving her husband. The movie’s streamlined structure interspersed with flash forwards keeps the viewer guessing over the eventual actions of the individuals present at the party. All that happens without raising the overall tone of the movie from a light-hearted comedy, with elements of farce, infidelity and human interactions mixed together. The viewers will also enjoy a liberal dosage of mature humor when they watch Change of Plans online.

Change of Plans movie is Directed By : Danièle Thompson

Starring : Karin Viard, Dany Boon, Marina Foïs, Patrick Bruel, Emmanuelle Seigner, Christopher Thompson, Marina Hands, Patrick Chesnais

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